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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our UK and European Pet Travel services. If you have a question which is not answered here, then please request a quotation and add any questions in the additional information box at the end.

Our Pet Move service is set up to avoid putting your pet in cargo or handing them over to transfer operatives for days at a time. Pets up to 8kgs including carrycase, can travel with you in the cabin to Paris, then continue in our cabin through the Eurotunnel via the Pets Passport scheme as far as London. Larger dogs may travel in the hold on your flight, but they still exit when you do, and you will be reunited at the same time as collecting your luggage. Please note, if any pet listed as travelling in the cabin subsequently goes into the hold, the additional cost up to is £100, large or extra-large is £300 (as a larger vehicle will be required).

If you are prevented from travelling on this date by the Covid19 epidemic or flight cancellations, it may be possible to reschedule: please advise us as soon as possible if this is the case. Please check the restrictions at either end of your journey and make sure that you are permitted to travel. For your comfort and safety, both drivers and passengers will need to practice social distancing and wear masks during the journey (please note that wearing face coverings is now compulsory in both France & the UK). A huge advantage of travelling via the Eurotunnel is the ability to isolate within one vehicle, which removes the risks of mixing with other passengers for a large portion of your journey.

Absolutely! Pet Moves are designed exclusively so you can travel with your pet,because we understand that your pets are precious to you, we understand your pet will be reassured sitting right next to you throughout your Pet Move, in a friendly environment, safe and secure. We welcome Owners to accompany their pets as a courtesy, at no extra cost, together with a luggage allowance of 1 item per passenger with up to 2 passengers accompanying, extra items can be accommodated on request. We can also accommodate larger family groups and or additional pets/luggage with our VW Caravelle Pet & People carrier (aka in the US as a Minivan). Each Pet move is bespoke and exclusive to each customer

We have a complementary allowance of one suitcase per person, but additional suitcases may be taken on request. The maximum weight of any suitcase cannot exceed 30 kilos. Each additional item of baggage (including carry-ons etc.) is charged at a handling fee of £50 if agreed in advance. If already listed this will be included in your quotation.

Our preferred Collection/Destination point for flights & trains etc. is Paris CDG airport/Hotels/TGV-T2 Train station. These locations are accessible via TGV from Paris/Lille/Brussels/Marseilles/Milan/Zurich/Frankfurt/Lyon/Nantes. Other points such as Orly, Gare du Nord, Gare du Nord are available, but will incur additional costs of £200 due to the need to navigate Paris traffic twice.

If your final destination address exceeds our permitted driving hours, we will provide convenient alternatives. We can take you to the appropriate mainline rail stations for your onward travel. You can take your pets on UK trains, for larger dogs you may be required to purchase a ticket. If onward travel by road door to door is preferred, and we can’t provide it due to exceeding our driving hours (except possibly via overnight stay), we may be able to arrange it with our partners.

Our Pet & owner chauffeur service between Paris & London by road, the expected duration is 6 hours (including Eurotunnel). Between Paris & Folkestone the duration is a little over 4 hours (including Eurotunnel). Scheduled comfort stops help to break up the journey, ensuring that your time is spent relaxing with your pet. Our quotations are exclusive of any meals or accommodation.

Most of our long–distance customers either meet us in London or Paris. Alternatively, we can meet you at key points on the journey such as airports or railway stations. If you are contemplating traveling afar, please note that it can dramatically reduce your costs if you travel by train/plane to or from any of the suggested meeting/departure points, mentioned below:

  • Folkestone Central railway station (avoids costs of London travel)
  • London mainline rail stations or airports
  • Paris mainline railway stations or Paris airports (CDG is much less expensive than Orly or Gare du Nord/Garedu Lyon)

We offer a document Check & Advise service to ensure your Pet Move goes smoothly. After booking your Pet Move we can provide guidance and further information, enhanced by our years of experience. We are also happy to chaperone you through the formalities at Pet Reception. Please note: You are ultimately responsible for making sure you have the necessary documentation for your pet to enter the UK. Failure to submit accurate documentation or to ensure that your pet meets the requirements can result in a rejection and/or quarantine at the UK border.

Any customers catching a flight/train from Paris or Paris-CDG are recommended to arrive in France the day before their train/flight. This is to reduce the risk of delay or complications arising from factors such as a change to the Eurotunnel timetable, or navigating traffic in and out of London. If you do need to travel out the sameday to catch a flight we recommend the Eurotunnel Fast Track ticket, which gives us priority if there are delays and cancellations. A collection from Folkestone Central instead of London can speed up your travel and minimise the risk of delays due to traffic.

  • We are a pet friendly family company, having had many dogs and cats in our home as well as most other domestic animals, as pets on our small farm.
  • We are likewise experienced in chauffeuring pets and their owners across the channel and have provided this service for customers traveling into the UK from around the world including from the USA, China, Russia, Canada, India, Asia, South America, and most European countries.
  • We use top of the range luxury vehicles for you and your pet to travel in comfort.
  • We carry pet blankets, pet seat belt leads, non–spill water bowls and most other pet requirements including cat litter box (on request, if space available) to ensure the comfort of you and your pets. Our VW Caravelle Pet & People carrier (sometimes known as a Minivan in the US) can also be requested, if available, for an additional £300, this vehicle can seat up to 6 passengers and 6+ suitcases. It can also accommodate the largest In-Hold Flight transport Kennels and of course your pets will be released and relaxing right next to you.
  • As we only carry out dedicated Pet Moves, we are able to completely sanitize our vehicle between customers, using pet and eco–friendly products, to prevent the spread of ticks and parasites etc.
  • We have an automatic French toll badge which allows us to drive straight through the tolls without queuing, we also have an account with Eurotunnel as well as the latest up to date navigation to avoids traffic jams, where possible.
  • We have contact with French vets and can speak French to assist in case of any health problems arising or paperwork irregularities at the vets.

We believe the best person to care for your Pet is you. However, in your absence we always ensure that the same person cares for your pet throughout their journey. The Pet Moves team, Barry & Edward are experienced pet lovers. We also understand that each pet is different, so we’ll consult you about important details to ensure your pet receives the very best of care on a one-to-one basis. We appreciate that you’ll be concerned about your pet when they are traveling unaccompanied, so we’re happy to keep you updated with texts or emails at strategic points on the journey. These will usually be sent at comfort breaks and border crossing, which should help to reassure you, as well as to give you an estimated time of your pet’s arrival.

We believe that the Eurotunnel is the best way to cross the English Channel. The journey takes just 35 minutes, and you can remain seated in comfort right next to your pet throughout the channel crossing. This also allows complete isolation from other passengers and so is a Covid-secure mode of travel. There are pet exercise areas at either end of the Tunnel to ensure that your pet is settled and comfortable for their journey. Whilst we cannot take responsibility for Eurotunnel delays/cancellations, as they are beyond our control, if a cancellation occurs we have the option of transferring by a ferry. Please note: Eurotunnel’s availability/fares can change in response to demand, please book as far in advance as possible to reduce the risk of changes to your quotation price at the point of booking.

We highly recommend our special Fast Track Flexible Eurotunnel ticket, especially in busy school holiday periods including late July/August and on public holidays, it’s fully flexible and refundable. This permits priority boarding on the very next available train, even if there are long queues or if the train is sold out. This helps to mitigate the risk of any overall delay to your journey should issues arise at immigration or due to traffic

  • Folkestone Central is the nearest train station to Eurotunnel, which we highly recommend as it has the fastest, most convenient connection to/from London and beyond, in under 1 hour.
  • There are direct trains to/from St. Pancras, King’s Cross, Charing Cross or Victoria stations. A journey with changes is also available for travel to Euston, Paddington, or Marylebone stations.
  • The nearest car rental facilities to Folkestone are available in Dover (journey at additional cost of £50 from Folkestone). These are operated by Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Avis.
  • If someone is meeting you by road, the best place to meet up is at Folkestone’s Stop 24 Services at J11 M20, Hythe CT21 4BL, just north of Folkestone. This service station has great facilities and refreshments and can be accessed from both sides of the motorway.
  • Our preferred Collection/Destination point for flights & trains etc. is Paris CDG airport/Hotels/TGV-T2 Train station.
  • These locations are accessible via TGV to/from Paris/Lille/Brussels/Marseilles/Milan/Zurich/Frankfurt/Lyon/Nantes/Barcelona.
  • Other points such as Orly, Gare du Nord, Gare du Nord are available, but will in cur additional costs of £200 due to the need to navigate Paris traffic twice.
  • We do not transport a multitude of pets in the back of a van, where we think it’s impossible to give individual care and attention.
  • We only take family pets, with or without the owners. We do not collect or transport puppies etc. from breeders or provide any transport on behalf of anyone else. We don’t smoke in our vehicles. All our vehicles are smoke and vape free.
  • Apart from the Eurotunnel ticket, which is included in our price, we do not book flights, accomodation or tickets for the rest of your itinerary.
  • We cannot arrange for your pet to receive your pet documents, as they need to be issued by a vet in the country you’re leaving. However, we can advise you on the documents you require and we are happy to review them for your peace of mind.
  1. Search and find your flight.
  2. Before booking your flight, please call us on +44 7974 250 090.
  3. We will check and advise our availability, as this may have changed in the interim period (as we book on a first come first served basis). We will then recheck Eurotunnel’s price/availability/and any supplement before preparing your quotation.
  4. Book your flight. Please make sure of your travel arrangements as any change may increase the price or any cancellation will incur fees.
  5. Send deposit payment by one of the methods listed below.
  6. Once payment is received, we will confirm receipt of payment and your booking.
  7. Send over your flight details.

Simply let us know your preferred payment method, we can provide a link or provide our bank details.

By Bank Transfer
You can pay by Bank transfer (Bacs)preferred, with no admin fees, our bank details supplied on request.

By Debit or Credit Card
With MasterCard or Visa debit/credit card you can pay your deposit of 50% (balance in cash on arrival) and secure your booking immediately. We will send you a payment link for World Pay (3% WP admin fee), paying directly through the link, no card details are stored.

Thank you.
Barry & Edward @ Team Pet Moves.

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