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Our Terms & Conditions

If you proceed with your Pet Move it is deemed you read and accept and read the terms and conditions on our website.

GDPR ( General Data Protection Rules) effective 25.05.2018

The personal information you provide is only used by Pet Moves Ltd to process your quotation/booking and comply with the law and remains confidential. We do not pass any information on to third parties and we will not sell, rent, lease or otherwise trade your personal information. Note however that communications over the Internet are open to interception and we make no guarantees that information will not be intercepted by third parties. You have the right to request the information held is erased.

If you cancel your Pet Move.

IMPORTANT: All prices quoted are correct and valid only at time of the quote and are subject to Eurotunnel fares/availability and, of course, our availability. We book on a first come first served basis so please check with us before booking your travel as no liability will be accepted on our part if our availability is no longer available, Eurotunnel fares/availability are outside our control.

Please make sure of your travel arrangements before booking your Pet Move, as any change may increase the price or cancellation will incur fees, you may lose your deposit. We will try to offer, at our discretion, an alternative date, however this may increase the Eurotunnel costs and indeed ours. We are happy to take 50% deposit to book your date, however this may be subject to the cancellation fee.

Unlike other modes of mass travel, we offer individual personal service on each Pet Move, which is exclusive to you, we book out a vehicle and driver for your chosen date, including our overnight accommodation and our return journey including Eurotunnel the following day, as it’s a minimum 14 hour return trip for us, so any cancellation means we probably cannot replace it, which means lost income.

Depending on circumstances and reasonable notice, we will endeavour to find another customer for that date, at our discretion, but please bear in mind we may have already turned customers away, because once it’s booked, it’s booked.

Our non refundable policy allows us to keep our prices fair for all our customers.

Please let us know if your flight is delayed by text or email only as we may be resting, (we allow 1 hour from expected arrival time to complete entry formalities), unless we are advised in time to prevent us waiting around the airport/station) or if there are any Pet Passport irregularities and we have to visit the vets, it will have to be charged for at an hourly rate or part of @ £50 (not including vets fees) as this extends our working time.

London Congestion/ULEZ Zone. If any address is within the London Congestion/Ultra Low Emissions Zone, please advise us, there is an additional charge of £26.50, please pay this in cash to our driver for the Congestion Charge, if not paid we get fined £120.

Under our limited liability we can only provide advice on Pet Passport/Documentation requirements to customers who have booked their Pet Move.

Pet Moves Ltd. Registered in England No 9180493.

Registered Office at 110 Ferring  Street, Ferring, West Sussex BN12 5JP.

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