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Our pet chauffeur service is dedicated to you and your pet for the whole trip.


We’re a family-run business and a family of animal lovers!


With us, your pet travels by your side or on your lap, they decide!


We’ll chauffeur you to your door in London & Paris, airports, stations or your residence in between.

Fly to the UK with your pet Cat or Dog

Pets aren’t luggage. They may not be able to sip champagne, but they deserve first class travel. That’s where we come in.

With our help, you can travel to the UK with your pet by your side, all the way. Instead of flying to Heathrow (with your pet stressed and scared in the cargo), you’ll fly to Paris. In most cases, this means that your dog or cat can travel with you in the cabin, even some larger dogs. We’ll meet you at the airport and chauffeur you and your pet to the UK, with your Pet by your side.

“My wife and I were relocating from Helsinki, Finland to the UK. We were shocked and a little bit panicked when we discovered that we could not fly our large Rottweiler cross into the UK. After much research we found Barry and Pet Moves. He really helped put our minds at rest and every detail was looked after. The journey went like clockwork. Thank you Barry. Brilliant service!!”

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Why choose Pet Moves?

  • Professional Service
    We’re a Pet chauffeur company, not a taxi. You and your Pet will travel in comfort, with regular comfort breaks, (which is important for all of us).
  • Cutting through the red tape
    We’ve been chauffeuring dogs, cats and other pets for over 20 years, so can offer guidance and checks on your pet documents, legal issues and vet requirements.
  • Door-to-door
    You’ll be picked up at the airport and dropped off at your new home. So you’ll arrive refreshed and ready to start your new life in the UK.
  • Added peace of mind
    We speak French and have built up good relationships with vets in both France and the UK. We’re also approved by DEFRA.
  • 5-star service
    You want the best for your family. So please do take the time to read our five-star reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot.
  • One-to-one
    Each Pet Move is exclusive to your family. You won’t be sharing or your pet won’t be stuck in a van with dozens of other animals.

Why fly to France rather than direct to the UK?

Due to the UK’s specific regulations, flying direct to London with a pet is a complicated process. For a start, your pet would have to go in the hold, whatever their size. In many cases, they would have to wait for several hours after landing before you would be allowed to collect them. So, you’d be apart for much longer than you should be.

Your pet could easily end up being stuck in a cage for many hours, with no breaks.

When you fly to France rather than direct to London, smaller pets can usually travel with you in the cabin. Larger dogs may need to go in the hold. However, they will still board at the same time as you, and exit the airport with you. As a result, your pet will spend less time apart from you, which is much less stressful for them.

As an added bonus, our pet move service is often more cost-effective than flying direct to the UK. And you get to see some of the beautiful French countryside from the comfort of a chauffeur driven car.

Hassle-free travelling

We know all too well how stressful relocating can be. The last thing you need is the added worry of whether your pet will be properly looked after by an airline company, or whether you have all the paperwork you need. We make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible, so that you, and your pet, can enjoy travelling to the UK.

We’ll meet you in France (usually at Charles de Gaulle airport), before driving you to London, or another location in the South East of England if you prefer.


We’ve always maintained a high standard of hygiene. Our cars are sanitised between every Pet Move using pet friendly products.

A family business

Pet Moves is a small family business, family members Edward & Barry will be taking care of you. Living on a small farm with most domestic animals, including our pets, currently cats Missie and Oscar, and Goldie the Labrador, we understand how important your pets are to you, as Pets are family.

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Defra Approved