At Pet Moves, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional pet travel services, ensuring that your furry friends experience a comfortable and stress-free journey. Over the years, we have had the honour of chauffeuring some famous pets, showcasing the trust celebrities place in our services. Notably, “A Street Cat Named Bob” and the internet sensation “Grumpy Cat” have both travelled with us, further cementing our reputation as a premier pet chauffeur company.

A Street Cat Named Bob: Twice the Charm

Bob, the famous feline from the heart-warming movie “A Street Cat Named Bob,” has been a customer of Pet Moves not once, but twice. Bob’s story, which chronicles his transformative journey with his owner James Bowen, has touched the hearts of millions. We were privileged to assist in Bob’s travels, ensuring he received the VIP treatment he deserved. Our team made sure Bob was comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey, allowing him to rest on his owner’s lap and enjoy the ride with all the comforts of home, including access to a cat litter box and fresh water bowls.

Grumpy Cat: The Feline Phenomenon

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, was another celebrity client of ours. Known for her iconic frown and viral internet fame, Grumpy Cat was beloved by many worldwide. When it came time for her to travel, her owners chose Pet Moves for our reliability and expertise in handling high-profile pets. Grumpy Cat travelled in style and comfort, with our team ensuring her needs were met every step of the way. She was free to sit on her owner’s lap, providing a sense of familiarity and security during the journey.

A Surge in Feline Travelers

Interestingly, we’ve noticed a trend this year: we have twice as many cats as dogs traveling with us. This surge in feline passengers underscores the growing need for specialised cat travel services. At Pet Moves, we understand the unique requirements of our feline friends and are well-equipped to cater to them.

Catering to Cat Comfort

Our dedication to cat comfort is evident in the amenities we provide. Every journey includes access to a cat litter box, ensuring your cat can relieve themselves comfortably during the trip. We also carry fresh water bowls, pet blankets, and towels to keep your cat hydrated and cosy. Safety is paramount, and our non-spill water bowls and safety restraining seat belt leads ensure a secure environment for your pet.

One of the key features of our service is the freedom for pets to sit on their owners’ laps. This close contact reduces stress and provides reassurance, making the journey more enjoyable for both pet and owner. Whether you are traveling with a celebrity pet or your beloved family cat, this personal touch ensures a calm and pleasant experience.

Why Choose Pet Moves for Your Pet’s Travel?

  • Comprehensive Amenities: From cat litter boxes to fresh water bowls and pet blankets, we carry all the essentials to ensure a smooth, comfortable journey for your pet.
  • Personalised Service: Our door-to-door service and one-to-one travel experience mean that your cat receives undivided attention and care throughout the journey.
  • Trusted by Celebrities: The trust placed in us by the owners of “A Street Cat Named Bob” and “Grumpy Cat” speaks volumes about the quality of our service.

Our Premier Pet Chauffeur Company Promise

At Pet Moves, we are dedicated to providing top-notch travel services for your pets, ensuring they receive the care and comfort they deserve. Whether you are a celebrity or a loving pet owner, we treat every pet with the utmost respect and attention. As we continue to see an increase in feline travellers, we remain committed to being the go-to pet chauffeur company for cats, offering a luxurious and stress-free travel experience.

If you want the best for your pet, choose Pet Moves for their next journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your pet’s travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.